Akanksha Hazari of m.Paani, Suhasini & Anindita Sampath Kumar of Sproutlife Foods, Mahima Kaul of CoutLoot, Rashmi Daga of FreshMenu.com, Vaishali Neotia of  Merxius & Kanika Subbiah of CherryTin are the final six names in the coveted category of Indian Affairs Innovative Digital Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 at 9th Annual India Leadership Conclave& Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards 2018

Indian Affairs Innovative Digital Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 Nominees
1.Ms.Akanksha Hazari,Founder & CEO, m.Paani
2.Ms.Suhasini & Anindita Sampath Kumar, Co-Founders, Sproutlife Foods Private Limited
3.Ms.Mahima Kaul, Co-Founder, CoutLoot
4.Ms.Rashmi Daga,Founder ,FreshMenu.com
5.Ms.Vaishali Neotia,Co-founder, Merxius
6.Ms.Kanika Subbiah,Founder, CherryTin

While e-commerce is still young in India, it has seen a number of startups evolving into big companies in a short period of time. Women entrepreneurs are stepping up to show their skill and vision and prove that they have the ability to take their budding ventures to scaling heights. Let’s have a look at some of the women who are making a difference in this growing e-commerce ecosystem. The professionals have risen through their organisations, the start-up entrepreneurs have established themselves and the scions of the traditional business houses have all led their companies on the path to growth. In the world of business, people who think sensibly and act smartly to pursue their dreams, smilingly and successfully, are the real champions. No matter, what is one’s breed, background, or gender, success is guaranteed if dreams are deliberate. Women entrepreneurs of the present era are in no way less competent than their male counterparts, and their undying spirit is inspirational to millions of aspiring entrepreneurs, women as well as men.

Nowadays, challenges don’t distract women from meeting their goals as the environment as well as the scenario is getting more liberal for them. Favourable economic policies along with friendly communication technologies are opening new vistas and gateways for ambitious women leaders in both domestic and international markets. Surrounded by myriads of entrepreneurship opportunities, women in the age of startup revolution are giving fierce competition to their male counterparts. The high penetration of Internet and smartphones has further catalyses their business talent. Besides, many state governments in the country are making commendable efforts for women entrepreneurs through providing adequate incentives and fundraising schemes for female-led startups.

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