Fashion Designers Rohit Verma, Anand Kabra, Raghavendra Rathore, Aki Narula, Reza Shariffi & Arjun Khanna are Nation’s to six finalists at India Leadership Conclave 2018 for the coveted Indian Affairs Most Promising & Innovative Fashion Designer of the Year 2018

India today has some of the finest creative Fashion Designers with their creative fashion trends in innovations. There is no doubt that despite having a fragmented market, indian fashion style has gone for a tremendous change with these Fashion Designers making a difference in the world of Fashion. India Leadership Conclave started its hunt to bring top six names out of a nationwide selection process, though there are many who could still stake its claim to be on the final list, but Network 7 Media Group had to rest with the final six names as finalists for the coveted “Indian Affairs Most Promising & Innovative Fashion Designer of the Year 2018” at the high profile 9th Annual India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards 2018 to be held in Mumbai in india on 6th July at Sahara Star.


With the passage of time, the world of fashion has changed a lot. The scope of growth seems endless and like any other industry, the Indian fashion industry has entered the global market. With the industry still making its progress and blooming tremendously, it is becoming and more and more competitive for the talented up-and-coming fashion designers and entrepreneurs to sustain and survive. Fashion is all about creativity, innovation, and style to make new trends. In that world, fashion designers play a major role, influencing and creating trend-setting styles. Despite all the advancements in the field, the industry today is experiencing vast challenges and cut-throat competition as a part and parcel of the tremendous growth.

Apart from being an industry of creativity, high-esteem, status, and lucrative pay, it is still faced with numerous challenges, let alone a plethora of opportunities. It is necessary for today’s fashion designers to have an insight of the challenges and opportunities that hinder their success in the industry. This way, they can figure out a solution to overcome the hindrances and make the best use of the underlying opportunities. Just like any other industry professional, a fashion designer requires proper skill sets and knowledge. It is the versatility of skill sets that make a designer stand out in the competition. However, there are other challenges that every fashion designer is destined to face in the industry.

India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards organized by Network7 Media Group’s Indian Affairs is Asia’s most eagerly awaited leadership event where the platform has established a credible platform of serious discussion where Brand India’s most illustrious Leaders & icons assemble to discuss the roadmap for India’s growth trajectory. The last Eight Annual Affairs at the India Leadership Conclave Platform, we have witnessed some of the biggest think-tanks of the contemporary leaders in society from social to political & from business to cultural has addressed, deliberated & opened up the new mantras of developments. While more than 400 Leaders of Indian mainstream polity have spoken, the platform has recognized & honoured more than 300 Leaders & Enterprises. Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards are set of prestigious awards developed by the Juries & bestowed to the deserving Leaders & Enterprises after a through screening of their landmark achievements for their significant accomplishments in their own fields under tough conditions imbibing innovation in their business approach. Clearly India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards 2018 are India’s most eagerly awaited & prestigious title in recent times.