Indian Affairs Innovative Enterprise of the year 2018 nominees for the 9th Annual India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards are top six companies shortlisted after a comprehensive research, review & national vote./ The final winner will be announced in a glittering power packed assembly of more than 350 industry leaders, business tycoons, policy makers,diplomats,politicians,reformers at Hotel Sahara Star on 6th July 2018

Indian Affairs Innovative Enterprise of the year 2018 Nominees

1.Gramener Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd
2.Pommys Garments (India) Limited
3.Sprng Energy Pvt Ltd
4.Greenko Group
5.Enaltec Labs Pvt. Ltd
6.American Megatrends India Pvt. Ltd

Gramener Technology Solutions,Pommys Garments (India) Limited,Sprng Energy Pvt Ltd,Greenko Group,Enaltec Labs Pvt. Ltd,American Megatrends India Pvt. Ltd are the top six finalists for the coveted & prestigious “Indian Affairs Innovative Enterprise of the year 2018 Award” at the iconic  9th Annual India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards

Innovation is a big corporate buzzword, and it’s one of the hottest topics on this blog. That’s because it’s one of the biggest mysteries to business leaders. A new study from Accenture, “Why Low Risk Innovation Is Costly,” revealed that fewer than one in five chief executives believes their company’s strategic investments in innovation are paying off. Because of the high percentage of failure, nearly half of the executives surveyed said their companies were less likely to risk implementing breakthrough ideas.While some companies are wildly successful with their innovation attempts, we also know that at least 70 percent of change efforts fail and, by definition, innovation ranks as the biggest change effort out there. The question is: What are these unsuccessful CEOs and their people doing wrong with their strategic investment in innovation?. Innovation only happens in the right environment, one where everyone is not only allowed to innovate, but they are actively encouraged to speak up and bring new ideas to the table. This may sound like common sense, but it is far from common practice. it’s the struggle of every enterprise organization. Leaders know they need to uncover new ideas and push promising projects forward, yet few know how. Indeed, most enterprises are built to resist the changes they need to grow. The first, and possibly most important, role of a chief innovator is to create a reliable, repeatable process to generate new ideas, test their viability and then either kill or invest in them.

Most corporations don’t suffer from a lack of ideas – most just simply don’t know how to choose the right projects to pursue. It’s an innovator’s guide to build a system capable of shepherding ideas worth pursuing and killing the ones that won’t cut it. It is undeniable that the world around us is changing. Technology and software have transformed large parts of business; and continues to do so in more and more dramatic ways. Corporate leadership would have to be in a special kind of denial to not see how these changes in technology and economics are impacting their businesses. There is no longer the option to keep our heads in the sand. Companies have to respond. What is more challenging now is deciding exactly what companies should do.