Lakshmideepa Arjunamoorthy of Yeldi Softcom,Riya Kodali of  Riya Kodali Design House, Nathasha AR Kumar of VAJOR.COM, Tanya Agarwal of Shri Radha Brij Vasundhara Resort & Spa, Vaibhavi Thakkar of Blend Financial Services & Richa Rana of  Anaaya Exports are the top six finalists for the coveted Indian Affairs Woman of Substance 2018 at 9th Annual India Leadership Conclave 2018

India has full of examples where the women leaders have demonstrated tremendous abilities as visionary woman leaders steering the company to its desired destinations. Innovations & creativity has been the buzzword in defining the women leaders of today are truly the Woman of Substance. India Leadership Conclave 2018 is looking out for the winner out of top six finalists who made it to the coveted & prestigious “Indian Affairs Woman of Substance 2018” at the 9th Annual India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards, also known as ILC Power Brand in Mumbai on Friday,6th august 2018 at Hotel Sahara Star Mumbai, India in partnership with top govt agencies & apex trade bodies. More than 350 influential leaders of the country from politics to business, health to social & others attended. The conclave starts over a breakfast &  is debating on a powerful theme “Introspection” to be addressed by the business tycoons, rebel leaders, authors, social & healthcare reformers in recent times. The day long conclave culminated on the much awaited annual award ceremony in a glittering award night where who’s & who’s of india were present.

Indian Affairs Woman of Substance 2018 Nominees

1.Ms.Lakshmideepa Arjunamoorthy,Director &CEO, Yeldi Softcom Private Limited
2.Ms.Riya Kodali,Founder & CEO, Riya Kodali Design House
3.Ms.Nathasha AR Kumar,Founder & CEO, VAJOR.COM
4.Ms.Tanya Agarwal,Director, Shri Radha Brij Vasundhara Resort & Spa
5.Ms Vaibhavi Thakkar, Co-Founder & CEO, Blend Financial Services Ltd
6.Ms.Richa Rana,Founder & CEO,Anaaya Exports
Indian Affairs Innovative Infrastructure Company of the Year 2018

Rising from poverty to become the first African-American woman billionaire, Oprah Winfrey embodies the American dream. Through television, movies, books, and radio she speaks to women the world over. CNN and Time have called her “arguably the most influential woman in the world.” Through book recommendations, philanthropic activities, human rights awareness, and political activity, Oprah influences women around the world. Women hold 46% of jobs in the United States and hold 50% of middle management positions according to a recent report by the International Labor Organization. Even more significantly, a report from the US Department of Labor noted that women outnumbered men in executive roles in the areas of finance, human resources, education, medical and health services, accounting and auditing, budget analysis, real estate and social and community services. So, while women have made considerable advances in middle management, the statistics remain deeply disheartening at top-management level. In 2015, only 4% of Fortune 500 chief executives were female.Despite disappointing statistics, I think that there is good reason to be optimistic. I believe that, in the next five to ten years, we will see drastic changes for the better. Women managers will contribute to this positive shift by understanding that there are a certain number of expectations related to organizational leadership and by developing their skills accordingly. Men can both help and benefit by making the effort to understand the specific problems faced by women leaders.