Narayanappa Nanjundaiah of Kanva Group, Sagar Daryani of Momo Foods, Madhukar Gangadi of MedPlus Health Services, Senthil Kumar of Qualfis, Prashant Parameswaran of Kottaram Agro Foods & Rajiv Mitra of Milk & Milk Products are six final nominees for the prestigious Indian Affairs Dynamic Entrepreneur of the year 2018 at the India Leadership Conclave ‘s 2018 ILC Power Brand Annual awards

India Leadership Conclave’s 2018 annual awards focus extensively on innovations & creativity  & the way entrepreneurs have become the new age leaders in their own space defying all odds & challenges. The category for ‘Indian Affairs Dynamic Entrepreneur of the year 2018’ has six final nominees who made it to the final list at the iconic 9th Annual India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards 2018. The final winner who will secure the nation’s vote & jury’s choice will be crowned at the glittering award ceremony at Hotel Sahara Star in july 6th 2018 in Mumbai.

Indian Affairs Dynamic Entrepreneur of the year 2018 Nominees
1.Mr. Narayanappa Nanjundaiah,CMD, kanva Group
2.Mr.Sagar Daryani,Co-Founder, CEO , Wow! Momo Foods Pvt. Ltd
3.Mr. Madhukar Gangadi,Founder and CEO, MedPlus Health Services, Pvt. Ltd
4.Mr.Senthil Kumar D,Managing Director,Qualfis
5.Mr.Prashant Parameswaran, Managing Director,Kottaram Agro Foods Pvt Ltd
6.Mr. Rajiv Mitra,Managing Director,Govind Milk & Milk Products Pvt Ltd


Today’s ‘new economy‘entrepreneurs and their ventures differ from the ‘old economy’ entrepreneurs and their businesses in several respects. The core of this eco-system is the incubation facility within the business that enabled the next generation entrepreneur to dabble in incremental innovation, funded by angel funding drawn from the surplus generated by the cash cow of the business. Prototypes were developed and test marketed through access to vendors and distributors and the sales force. Timely customer feedback on the prototype led to building the minimum viable product and the soft market launch. Business mentoring from the experienced elders substituted for any classroom learning.

now India generates entrepreneurs from all communities, whether first generation entrepreneurs from non-business communities or next generation members from traditional family businesses. Truly a remarkable feat achieved in less than 3 decades!

Business people and organizations around the world are dependent on the wise counsel of expert leaders as transformation partners for their turnaround, survival and growth. Well-informed guidance in a niche area is a precious commodity for companies who do not have the wherewithal to invest in such capabilities. Today, few of the dynamic entrepreneurs  have been able to combine strategic thinking and execution excellence, providing clear road maps and implementation leadership for business process, information technology, finance & accounting, HR, marketing, and a host of other functions. But the thing is that they have to face all the trials and tribulations of a start-up, tougher and more demanding clients, who insist on proof of their efficacy in their niche area of expertise for delivering business impact. The digital revolution in India is ushered in by entrepreneurship which has impacted everyone from a local grocer to a well-established businessman. More than 800 startups are created annually in India, as this shows it is the world’s third largest and fastest growing country for these budding companies.