Ravi Khanna of Solar Power Business Aditya Birla Group,Vineet S. Jaain,of Adani Power Limited, Sunil Jain of Hero Future Energies, Abhijit Pati of Aluminium Business , Vedanta Aluminum Ltd, Umesh Sachdev of Uniphore Software Systems & Srikumar Misra of Milk Mantra are final six nominees for the coveted Indian Affairs Innovative CEO of the year 2018at ILC Power Brand Awards

India Leadership Conclave 2018 look at rich insights into the major forces disrupting today’s business landscape and how today’s CEOs are equipping their companies and themselves to manage the challenges of the future. Innovation is the key & here are the final six nominees  for the coveted Indian Affairs Innovative CEO of the year 2018 at the 9th Annual India Leadership Conclave & Awards 2018 where one of the nominee of the final six will be awarded in Mumbai on 6th July 2018 at Hotel Sahara Star.

Indian Affairs Innovative CEO of the year 2018 Nominees

1.Mr.Ravi Khanna,CEO, Solar Power Business,Aditya Birla Group

2.Mr.Vineet S. Jaain,CEO & Whole time Director, Adani Power Limited

3.Mr.Sunil Jain,CEO & ED, Hero Future Energies

4.Mr. Abhijit Pati, CEO, Aluminium Business , Vedanta Aluminum Ltd

5.Mr.Umesh Sachdev,CEO,Co-Founder, Uniphore Software Systems

6.Mr.Srikumar Misra,Founder, MD & CEO, Milk Mantra


Innovation is a defining factor for the economic success of nations, especially in this age of knowledge economies. Even though India is headed towards the top three economies of the world, the Global Innovation Index 2015 ranks India 81 out of 141 countries. Indians across the world, at leading universities, technology companies and medical labs, are involved in path breaking innovation with regularity. But, within India, it is a different story. Researchers and leading scientists within India are content with being the “first in India” or the “best in India”. That mind-set needs to change towards “first in the world” and the “best in the world”. What will it take to do this?

Majority of the CEOs are upbeat about the growth of the Indian economy. Optimism about India’s growth is higher than that for the global economy. As a matter of realignment, emerging economies in Asia Pacific and Latin America have emerged as clear choices to drive new market growth. This could possibly be due to the uncertainty and increasing protectionism in developed economies. CEOs will tread a little cautiously in the near future with regard to international markets, choosing

to consolidate their business in existing geographies first before expanding to new geographies.CEOs in India indicate that they are taking necessary steps for their business to be a disruptor , rather than to be disrupted. They recognise the journey is not going be easy. Identifying what’s best for their organisation is going to be critical. The limited availability of relevant skill sets suited for future business environments, the pace of emergence of new technologies, the CEOs’ own ability to adopt these technologies and the emergence of millennial customers create significant challenges. Indian CEOs are optimistic and open to help from outside to make their transformation a success. They are willing to build partnerships, collaborate with others and merge or acquire to gain relevant competencies.

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