Shweta Sastri of International School Bangalore(CIS), Vanitha Mohan of Pricol, Arundathi Krishna of  TVS Upasana, Geetha Nair of Getech Equipments International, Rita Singh of Mesco Steel & Preeta Sukhtankar of TheLabelLife are final six nominees for the prestigious category of “Indian Affairs Innovative Business Woman of the Year 2018” at ILC Power Brand Awards 2018

The world is witnessing major challenges both socially & economically as the economy continue to surprise us because of uncertainties in the world order. India is not an exception to this, though our economy is on a sound footing. Indian women leaders across the sectors have demonstrated remarkable performances in bringing innovations in the work culture. India Leadership Conclave 2018 bring out six finalists in nominations to the coveted category of “Indian Affairs Innovative Business Woman of the Year 2018” at the historic 9th Annual India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards 2018. The final winner will be announced in a glittering power packed assembly of more than 350 industry leaders, business tycoons, policy makers, diplomats, politicians,reformers at Hotel Sahara Star on 6th July 2018

Indian Affairs Innovative Business Woman of the Year 2018
1.Ms.Shweta Sastri,MD,International School, Bangalore(CIS)
2.Ms.Vanitha Mohan, Chairman,Pricol Ltd
3.Ms.Arundathi Krishna,Managing Director,TVS Upasana Limited
4.Mrs. Geetha. V. Nair,Managing Director, Getech Equipments International Pvt Ltd
5.Ms Rita Singh,CMD, Mesco Steel Limited
6.Ms.Preeta Sukhtankar,Founder,

We are witnessing a far-reaching reorganization of economic activity. In 2025, Asia (excluding Japan) will have practically the same economic weight as the whole of western Europe. On a microeconomic scale, the strongest growth opportunities will be found in China and India over the next five years.Beyond the current financial crisis, long-term global trends are reshaping the corporate landscape, and the current turmoil is likely to accelerate some of the changes that corporations need to make to continue to seize the new opportunities that will arise. Reports suggest most business executives around the world agree that global social, environmental, and business trends will significantly impact their companies’ development over the next five years, although relatively few report that their companies have acted upon all these trends so far. Among a variety of levers that corporations can use to address the global trends, one lies in the capacity of leadership to manage change effectively and to capture global opportunities. As women represent over half of the global talent pool, it is clear to us that they should be at the forefront of the economic and social scene, not just out of a sense of fairness, but to ensure that the very best minds, men’s and women’s alike, are brought together to address the challenges that society faces.Indian businesses need more women at higher levels — as owners, CEOs or CXOs, and as board members. The designations are not of consequence, the leadership positions they occupy is what matters. There’s enough evidence to support that more women in leadership roles can help deliver better business performance, promote equality, and lead to social upliftment.

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