Surana Group of Hospitals, Artemis Hospital, Geetanjali Hospital, Thumbay Hospital New Life, Citizens Specialty Hospital & Star Hospitals are in race for the coveted Indian Affairs Innovative Hospital of the Year 2018 at 9th Annual India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards 2018.

India Leadership Conclave 2018 has brought out six finalists in the category of “Indian Affairs Innovative Hospital of the Year 2018” in a nationwide poll to select the winner at the iconic the 9th Annual India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards 2018. The final winner will be announced in a glittering power packed assembly of more than 350 industry leaders, business tycoons, policy makers, diplomats,politicians,reformers at Hotel Sahara Star on 6th July 2018

Indian Affairs Innovative Hospital of the Year 2018 Nominees
1.Surana Group of Hospitals
2.Artemis Hospital
3.Geetanjali Hospital
4.Thumbay Hospital New Life
5.Citizens Specialty Hospital
6.Star Hospitals


Affordable innovation, which presents ways to innovate, be flexible, and do more with less, can help a complex and resource-constrained country like India address challenges in healthcare delivery. Such a model can ensure that healthcare is “available” and “accessible” to every citizen of the country on a sustainable basis. For this, the nation’s innovation capability needs to be enhanced through the right kind of fiscal incentives, policy support, financing mechanisms, human capital and best-in-class infrastructure. The aim should be to create a virtuous cycle of basic and applied science where knowledge is seamlessly translated into practical solutions to address unmet healthcare needs. The growth of the healthcare industry has been fuelled largely by the growing and ageing population, rising economy, increasing income levels and changing disease burden, especially towards lifestyle diseases. Besides having an overall high disease burden (21% of the world’s disease burden  ), the share of non-communicable diseases and injuries in India is expected to rise to 76% of the overall disease burden by 2030 . This will be a major factor driving up healthcare spending in the country

Delivering affordable and quality health care to India’s billion-plus people presents enormous challenges  and opportunities. Innovations could be a way out for a large number of people get quality care at a cost that the nation can afford. Advanced medical technology today has the power to transform the huge social burden of chronic diseases that account for 67% of total deaths in India. The Harvard School of Public Health has in a study on economic losses due to non-communicable diseases, estimated that the economic burden of these ailments for India will be close to $6.2 trillion for the period 2012-30. These figures are making policy-makers in our country, take note on how healthcare services and advanced medical technologies can today benefit the patients and the governments. Advanced medical technologies are today available, accessible and affordable for Indians; the more awareness we create about them, the lower would be public healthcare costs and the resultant pressure on government/private hospitals. Then the positive, and cascading, impact on social and economic growth would be witnessed.

India Leadership Conclave is india’s the Most definitive destination of leadership gatherings of the influential leaders of the country & abroad with a focus to continuously innovate & debate ideas that are complex & important. Over the last seven editions, India Leadership conclave has emerged not only as a leadership brand but also defied the age old practices of rules & traditions that are irrelevant, Indian Affairs, the flagship media brand of Network 7 Media Group   hosted the high profile 9th Annual India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards, also known as ILC Power Brand in Mumbai on Friday,6th august 2018 at Hotel Sahara Star Mumbai, India in partnership with top govt agencies & apex trade bodies. More than 350 influential leaders of the country from politics to business, health to social & others attended. The conclave starts over a breakfast &  is debating on a powerful theme “Introspection” to be addressed by the business tycoons, rebel leaders, authors, social & healthcare reformers in recent times. The day long conclave culminated on the much awaited annual award ceremony in a glittering award night where who’s & who’s of india were present.

The most credible annual award ceremony being rated in asia as a top destination of assembly of powerful leaders from various fields. India Leadership Conclave & Awards, over the last seven years has emerged as a hub of leadership dialogue & dissemination of ideas. Maharashtra is the state partner of this year’s annual event under the theme “Transformation”. More than 400 thought leaders of the country will be present in full attendance like previous annual ceremonies. The last two years have seen remarkable changes in India’s development paradigm. We have set forth on the Transforming India journey, with coordinated efforts by all Ministries to change the lives of citizens. India is in the spotlight globally and domestically significant steps have been taken towards social and financial inclusion to ensure holistic development of all sections of the society. The Transforming India microsite is a repository for sharing the impact of various governance initiatives with citizens in real time. This community based platform facilitates two-way communication between the Government and its people. We look forward to your continuous engagement in this journey of Transforming India.