Vasundhara Kasaraneni & Neha Anumolu, Sunita Shekhawat, Ashwini Oza, Swapna Mehta, Neety Singh emerged as top six names as the finalists at India Leadership Conclave 2018 in the prestigious category of Indian Affairs Most Promising & Innovative Jewellery Designer of the Year 2018

The Gems and Jewellery industry, is predominantly an unorganised sector.Almost 96% of the business is with the family jewellers and the remaining 4% is with the organised sector. This being one of the major foreign exchange earner for Indian economy, its growth and competitiveness in the global market is to be sustained through the process of innovation. Among many factors that contributed to the upsurge of the industry, the most intangible one is the various technological and non-technological innovations that have been brought in by the industry to capitalise on the opportunities created by the series of policy changes.The present report is the result of a pilot study that had been undertaken to understand the process and status of innovation in the industry. The industry is extremely complex, consisting of several activities at different stages. In general, processing and manufacturing tends to be fragmented, although there are many small companies bound together in intricate trading relationship. It is labour intensive, creating more employment opportunity. The industry uses inherited skills of domestic workers, which are passed on from one generation to the other. The business model is family owned, traditional in nature, reinforcing the fact that the sector is unorganised. The technology and skill required for cutting and polishing of diamonds have been largely developed within the country and at industry’s own cost. Most of the diamond dealers are inter-connected with each other and have developed a collective interest in achieving higher export target. One of the unique characteristics of the Gems and Jewellery Industry of India diamond processing industry is that it is fully dependent on imported raw material for processing and it is basically export oriented. The cost effectiveness not only depends on cheap labour, but also of its large volume and wide variety of product mix. Government has also helped in promoting the industry by cutting down on export duties on capital equipments, removing imported goods free from the purview of sales tax, providing exemption to export profits from income tax and cutting down on procedural delays.

Here are the nominees at Indian Affairs Most Promising & Innovative Jewellery Designer of the Year 2018

1. Ms.Vasundhara Kasaraneni & Neha Anumolu,Vasundhara Diamond Roof
2. Ms.Sunita Shekhawat,Founder,Sunita Shekhawat Jewellery
3. Ms. Shaheen Abbas,Founder, Shaheen Abbas FineJewellery
4. Ms.Ashwini Oza,Co-Founder & Principal Designer,Arnav Design Studio
5. Ms. Swapna Mehta,Founder & Creative Director, The Swapna Mehta Studio
6. Ms. Neety Singh,Founder, Neety Singh Jewellery