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India Leadership Conclave is India’s the most definitive destination of leadership gatherings of the influential leaders of the country & abroad with a focus to continuously innovate & debate ideas that are complex & important


Over the last eight editions, India Leadership conclave has emerged not only as a leadership brand but also defied the age old practices of rules & traditions that are irrelevant


More than 400 influential leaders of the country from politics to business, health to social & others eagerly await to attend the historic conclave!


The most credible annual award ceremony being rated in asia as a top destination of assembly of powerful leaders from various fields. India Leadership Conclave & Awards, over the eight years has emerged as a hub of leadership dialogue & dissemination of ideas

India  Leadership Conclave are Prestigious!

India Leadership Conclave’s selection criteria are time tested & transparent. Our robust voting mechanism are aimed at bringing a public consensus of the mood of the nation. The Jury & Organizing Committee have taken every possible steps to ensure fair selection!

India is in the spotlight globally and domestically significant steps have been taken towards social and financial inclusion to ensure holistic development of all sections of the society. The Transforming India microsite is a repository for sharing the impact of various governance initiatives with citizens in real time. This community based platform facilitates two-way communication between the Government and its people. We look forward to your continuous engagement in this journey of Transforming India.



in a glittering award ceremony from 07.30 PM onwards where India’s who’s & Who’s will be present like previous years to celebrate the moment of joy, happiness & success


The grand conclave ILC 2017 will also felicitate leaders & Companies for the remarkable performances for making india move, proud & prosper. The Award Ceremony Presentations are grand & one of its kind


Top Industry Leaders, Medical practitioners & Policy Makers will be debating in panel discussions to find the reasons of policy paralysis & the way forward. Please save your date & stay tuned for the regular updates!


India Leadership Conclave 2018 comes with a historic message as the world has started looking at India as a game-changer in the new world order.2018 will be an exciting year as the impact of reforms will be felt!

global leaders at india leadership conclave

Iconic & world renowned leaders have either addressed or been awarded at the prestigious ILC Power Brand Conclave & Awards in the last eight editions!

Hillary Rodham Clinton has served as secretary of state, senator from New York, first lady of the United States, first lady of Arkansas, a practicing lawyer and law professor, activist, and volunteer
Hillary Clinton
Former secretary of state, The United States of America
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, political leader, and philanthropist, who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. He was the country's first black head of state and the first elected in a fully representative democratic election
Nelson Mandela
Former President of South Africa & iconic nobel laureate, global peace leader
Dr.Manmohan Singh is an Indian economist and politician who served as the Prime Minister of India from 2004 to 2014.Dr Singh, is considered the architect of the economic liberalisation measures unleashed in 1991 & opened india's door to global market.An iconic indian global leader!
Dr.Manmohan Singh
Former, Prime Minister,India & the architect of India's Economic Reforms

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Jennifer Winget Awarded Indian Affairs Most Promising & Versatile TV Actress of the Year 2018


ILC POWER BRAND is an award winning & highly acclaimed annual mega leadership forum & an annual gatherings of the world’s biggest thought leaders from World leaders, industry icons, movie stars, and CEOs convene with artists, rebels, peacemakers to activists to voice out their opinions , speak out their minds without fear or favour at the prestigious platform from the illustrious organizers of the Conclave, the Network 7 Media Group, world’s most delimitative & credible news media born out of staggering india’s decay in economic prosperity, social inequality, cultural intolerance & inefficient & corrupt political leadership in the country. India to us is a passion & not a dream, a reality that is time tested & proven. Indian Affairs is the ink bringing together business and political leaders, professionals, academics and students from around the world to discuss India’s evolution into a prominent global economic power, and the key challenges which it still faces.


Indian Affairs  are not very convinced how much and to what extent can we actually put in issues of peace, security and conflict at the heart of this body which is tasked with creation of sustainable development goals, when we indeed have a large number of multi-lateral institutions devoted to the cause of international peace and security. In our view this group can address issues of peace, durable peace and stability but perhaps not by taking that onerous responsibility on ourselves, but by addressing the root drivers of that conflict by eradicating poverty, putting in conditions and promoting sustainable development. What is the real driver of conflict and lack of peace? Are there any societies which have actually managed to achieve stability and peace with rampant poverty and inequality and social inequity? We have been tasked to devise an agenda, a universal agenda which is equally applicable and valid and relevant to both developing countries as well as the developed countries, and my question to the panelists will be, how would you see the application of these issues that you have just raised to developed countries as well, for example there are many developed countries which face amongst the highest incidents of violence and crime, do you think that also is a deliverable part of when you discuss peace and security. We think that the millennium development goals have been one of the most effective tools in driving political attention, resources and energy towards actually achieving real reductions in poverty, hunger, child and maternal mortality and infectious diseases. So our voice is more as a technical partner saying we think that this goal setting exercise has been tremendously successful and we think as the world discusses what should happen next and what should follow them after the deadline in 2015, please don’t lose sight of that core mission and those core set of objectives because that agenda is not yet finished.”

India has argued that to address poverty, developing countries have a need to develop. They need to industrialize and create jobs.  Developing countries will emit a bit more because they need that space for industrial development. India maintains that the developed countries need to cut emission and take the main responsibility, not developing countries. India has also stressed that the technology required for cutting carbon emission is expensive. It wants developed countries to commit certain financial resources that can pay for better technology.India is home to 472 million children, nearly 20% of the world’s child population and voiced the country’s commitment to the development of every child, ensuring his or her rights and protection from exploitation.

While more than 500 Leaders of Indian mainstream polity have spoken, the platform has recognized & honoured more than 300 iconic leaders & enterprises. Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards are set of prestigious awards developed by the Juries & bestowed to the deserving leaders & enterprises after a through screening of their landmark achievements for their significant accomplishments in their own fields under tough conditions imbibing innovation in their business approach. Clearly India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards 2017 are India’s most eagerly awaited & prestigious title in recent times.


Great achievements are accompanied by great results. Sometimes they’re accompanied by rewards too. Recognitions are given to the top achievers in fields ranging from sports to politics to business to cinema, sports to social service. Though they take different forms, all of these awards developed by India Leadership Conclave are meant to highlight and celebrate those individuals & companies who’ve ascended to the top of their game against all odds.

A Historic Opportunity – Empowerment of youth, strategic vision, Direction & Assertive Leadership will change the direction of India the way we are going. If India is to thrive, it needs bold reforms and political courage to match. The growing divide between the rich and poor can only be abridged if the authorities focus on less number of schemes and see their implementation to perfection. Have you ever imagined how you could be, if you can’t voice out.Life will become meaningless unless you dream, make an effort to be the voice to protest injustice.Have you ever realized that you are still the prisoners of independence despite we are free from British rules, we are in fact still in prison of not getting our rights!
Remember the world is in motion, you cant stand still, you must go foreward or backward & where reason does not lead you, necessity must drive you!


Since its inception in 2009, India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards also known as ILC POWER BRAND is asia’s most eagerly awaited prestigious meeting points where leaders across the society gather to speak, set the agenda into motion. Nelson Mandela, Hillary Clinton, Ratan Tata, Yash Chopra, Shobhaa De are among the very few names associated with the title. Historically the past editions has been high voltage debate-centric & are successfully organized with the media & analysts describing the multi-faceted significance of the event.

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